Reading Distance 35cm,134.2KHz,ISO11784 FDX-B

Middle Distance Tag Reader

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Microchip Scanner


READER-M-DIS is a middle distance ISO11784/ISO11785 tag reader produced by Doowa. The reading distance can be more than 35cm if using Doowa’s ear tag. It supports RS232& RS485 output.



Model No.: READER-M-DIS 

Size:  265 L*265 W*35H mm

Work Frequency:  134.2KHz

International Standard:  ISO11784  FDX-B

Technical Parameters:

Input voltage:            DC 9~12V

Work current (standard antenna)   150mA

Reading distance:                 35cm (Doowa Ear Tag)

Indicator light:            Red and Blue

Connection Instruction

Red:  VCC

Black: GND

Blue: RS485 A

Green: RS485 B

White: GND

Yellow: RS232-TXD

Grey: RS232-RXD

Brown: Reserve

Communication Protocol

  • Interface:           RS232/RS485
  • Baud rate:                 9600
  • Start bit:                     1
  • Data bit:                     8
  • Parity bit:               None
  • Stop bit:                     1


Output format





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